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Top 10 best Greek Islands for mooring!

Top 10 best Greek Islands for mooring!

Are you planning to visit Greece to enjoy its islands but you don’t know where to go yet? Between the Cyclades, the Ionian islands, and the Dodecanese islands, it is true that the choice is vast and difficult! This is where we come in: here’s our selection of the ten best Greek islands where you will be delighted to moor during your next sailing trip.


View of homes and windmills in Santorini

Who has never heard of Santorini? A flagship destination of the Cyclades islands, this small paradise lost in the middle of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea is renowned throughout the world! Located in the heart of a volcanic archipelago from which it takes its name, Santorini seems to have been blessed by an endless summer. Indeed, no matter what month of the year you visit, the weather will be great!

Its sunny climate, its famous white houses topped by blue domes, and its beautiful black sand beaches … All contribute to make Santorini one of the most famous and enchanting islands of Greece. And this is without counting the superb panorama that the view from the caldera offers us: when dusk approaches and the sun sets on the sea, the spectacle is divine!


View from the sea of Mykonos

Known for its wild nightlife and party atmosphere, Mykonos promises you crazy nights! And for good reason: the Greek island, which is located in the north of the Cyclades, has plenty of bars and nightclubs for all tastes. Nevertheless, after enjoying the nightlife of Mykonos, you have beautiful sunny days to rest! And what better place to do so than on its heavenly beaches and sapphire waters, typical of the Greek islands?

In addition to the festivities and sunbathing, Mykonos is a jewel of architecture: there are the famous windmills dating from the 16th century or the emblematic district of Little Venice … So do not wait any longer, come and stopover on the most festive island in Greece!


Coastal Town in Corfu

A wonderful starting point for a getaway on the Ionian Sea, Corfu is a Greek island with a legendary past. Ulysses, before going to Ithaca, is said to have been shipwrecked there after having suffered through a storm! Located at the northwestern tip of Greece, it is an idyllic place where Venetian, French and British influences are intermingled. It is one of the Greek islands that has the honor of being listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco and is also praised for its authenticity, its multiculturalism, and its architecture mixing different periods and styles. It is not to be missed during your vacations in Greece!


View of a Crete seaside village

Once called “The Island of Candia”, Crete is very popular among the Greek islands chosen by tourists! And for good reason: there is something for absolutely every taste. Its paradisiacal beaches are surprisingly unique and will delight those who prefer to relax. As for hiking enthusiasts, the Samaria Gorge, located within a national park in the southwest of the island, is a must! History lovers will fall in love with the archaeological site of Knossos, which is well worth the visit. As for the experienced sailors, do not hesitate to sail on the lagoon of Spinalonga where you will have a splendid sight on the island!


Lindos in Rhodes, Greece

Who knew that the Colossus of Rhodes was classified among the seven wonders of the world? Well, it has largely contributed to the fame of this eponymous island with an impressive historical heritage! Long disputed in the past, Rhodes remained for some time in the hands of the Order of the Knights of St. John. It is to them that it owes its magnificent medieval city which is also its capital. Considered the largest fortified city in Europe, it is a must-see!

Would you like to pass by the charming Greek village of Lindos to contemplate its magnificent acropolis, its ruins, and its authentic architecture? First, make a stop at the stunning beach of Tsambika! Because besides its historical treasures, Rhodes also has sensational beaches.


Greek Islands

Evoked by Homer in his Illiad, Zakynthos – also called Zakynthos – is endowed with breathtaking landscapes. Between mountains, dizzy peaks, and sublime beaches, you will not know where to put your eyes! Of course, it is the Shipwreck Beach, enclosed between two cliffs, which wins all the trophies. Stained by turquoise waters, it contains a shipwreck that you surely will not get enough of!

For animal lovers, you’ll be happy to know that this Ionian island is famous for being home to one of the most important nesting grounds for Caretta turtles!


Small village in Ikiara

If you are a history buff, Ikaria is for you! Close to the Turkish coast, this Greek island is named after Icarus, who fell into the sea near the island after his wings melted in the sun. With a rich past, dating back to prehistoric times, Ikaria has an eventful history. Its nickname of “red island” comes from the Greek civil war of 1945. Indeed, during this period, Ikaria helped the deported communist prisoners!

Apart from its historical heritage, Ikaria has authentic fishing villages, boasts an architecture inherited from ancient Greece, and a festive atmosphere that makes its visitors happy!


Aerial view of Naxos, Greece

You want to visit the largest and highest island of the Cyclades? Head for Naxos! With its villages on the mountainside, its fine sandy beaches, and its numerous ruins dating from Antiquity, this island has many assets! Of course, you must visit its capital, Chora. This harbor city offers a breathtaking view of the famous temple of Apollo, located on the peninsula of Palatia. For the lovers of the most amazing panoramas, don’t hesitate to climb Mount Zeus, from where you will have a breathtaking view of the whole island!


View overlooking Hydra

For art lovers, Hydra is the Greek island for you! Located not far from Athens, it is a bohemian haven of peace favored by a large number of artists who have settled there. Arriving by boat in the famous port of the island surrounded by an amphitheater of charming white buildings, you will discover with surprise that no cars or two-wheelers circulate there!

Once a refuge for pirates and sailors, Hydra is a cosmopolitan island that promises a lively nightlife. Artists, locals, and tourists mingle in a charming and festive atmosphere!


Cliff in Gavdos

If you are tired of mass tourism, Gavdos is for you! Isolated, this Greek island contains very few tourist attractions except for its variety of beautiful landscapes! Gavdos is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Are you looking to relax away from civilization and technology? Drop an anchor and lie down on one of the island’s vast and magnificent beaches! You can enjoy the calm and serenity that this rare moment of isolation offers.

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